Cool Petting Zoo

Our neighbor Dakota has his birthday party today.  He had a petting zoo come to his house.  It was a really cool petting zoo.  As you can see from the pictures the kids were allowed to pick up the animals, feed them and play with them.  There were a lot of really cool animals.  Jack loved it……Mabry just wanted to ride the pony the whole time……who would have thought??  Here are a few pictures of our favorite animals.


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Fun Filled Weekend

OK…get ready for me to bombard you with some pictures.  This weekend was the first annual Gayhart Campout.  We have never taken our children camping.  It is pretty risky, b/c we never know how Mabry is going to do.  John decided this was going to happen……I wasn’t so sure.  So we set off to Peas and Quiet Farm (some of you my remember that it is where John and I got married.)  Anyway…..long story short it was a ton of fun.  Both kids had a good time……and were really good.  We ended up heading into the house about 3 in the morning……b/c it was really cold, but other than that we did everything you are suppose to do on a campout.

We cooked hotdogs

We roasted marshmellows to make smores.

We rode four wheelers.

We sat on the tailgate of the truck.

We went fishing…..didn’t catch anything though.

We put up a tent.

(no John is not woking… was a high tech campout…..we let the kids fall asleep watching a movie….what can ya do??)

We played the guitar and sang around the campfire.

Finally…..we spent time with our honey!  Thanks Honey for letting us come to your farm!!!

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I love fall!

Fall is my favorite season of the year.  Although… is not quite fall weather here in Texas…..I still love everything about fall.  Football, cool weather, fall food….like chili and stew, and jeans.  The only thing about fall I don’t like are the allergies……but those should be better in a few weeks.  Today we visited the Big Orange Pumpkin Patch with Jack’s class.  Lots of fun…….but we were in and out in a hurry.  Mabry does not last long in places like this.  Kind of stresses mommy out too!  Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day.

This is about as good of a picture as I am going to get of my kids together!

This is Jack and his best friend Ryan.

This is Mabry trying to stick the food cube up the Longhorn’s nose!

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In the Pit

Our pastor has been doing a series on Joseph’s Journey.  It has been a really good series so far, going through the 10 tests that Joseph went through.  The first was pride……and the second was The Pit.  Last Sunday sitting in church listening to this message I felt like I was the only one in the roon and Pastor David was preaching right to me.  Have you ever felt that way?  I felt like everything he had to say was directly related to my life and what I am dealing with right now.  The main thing I took away from the message was when he asked the question….”What are you hearing when you are in the pit?”  It took me a while to realize what he ment by this, but it quickly came to me.  All of the thoughts of doubt that you hear in your head when things are going bad……THOSE ARE NOT FROM GOD!  The devil gets you when you are in the pit……he tries to fill your mind with negative thoughts…..your not a good mother…….you should have done this and things wouldn’t be so bad……your not a good Christian……..

Let me remind you my friends……these thoughts are not from God.  God is loving and good and only wants to lift you up in times of trouble.  He wants to help you through it……not tear you down.  I have been slowing starting to realize when these thoughts are coming into my head……and have started praying them away.  Also, I’m learning to consider trials pure joy…..realizing that these trials only make me stronger!!!

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OK…..I know I have been away for a long time.  Sorry….I have kind of been dealing with some stuff.  But I do have a huge confession to make.  I no longer drive a minivan!  I know the shock and horror are overwhelming you right now.  It’s true……the minivan has been traded in……chicken nuggets and all.  Here is my dilema… I have to change the name of my blog?  I love the name of my blog……because I will always be a minivan mom at heart.  Do I have to change it to “Tales from the Tahoe?”  Your thoughts.

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Tick, tick, tick

When the kids are in school is suppose to be the time for mommy to get a break.  That’s the idea anyway.  Since Mabry’s recent setback in the behavior area it has been really hard for me to relax…..especially while she is in school.  See, Mabry’s teacher said that she was going to call me if Mabry bit anyone and broke the skin……just so I would know what to expect when I pick her up from school at 11:00.  I really do like the idea…..and I appreciate the effort from Mabry’s teacher…..but man it is killing me!!  I am usually at the gym with my cell phone attached to me……afraid it is going to ring at any second.  Or… right now I am home getting some work done…..I have the home phone and my cell phone right next to me.  The home phone just rang and I about jumped out of my skin.  Darn sales people!!!

All this to say…..for the next couple of weeks don’t call me…..I’ll call you…..during the hours of 8-11 that is……texts are fine.  HeHe!  It is 10:27 and the school has not called yet.  Might just be a good day!

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Please pray for this country.  As most of you know I spent some time there in May.  I feel like part of my heart is still there and I do hope to return there some day.  They have been devastated by hurricane after hurricane.  I received an email today from the director of the rescue center where we spent some time and they are in terrible need of relief.  Pray that God lays His hand on this country and heals them.  Pray that they will get no more rain…..since they are already so water logged.  Pray for all of the kids at the rescue center.  Pray for Licia who is there running the rescue center during this horrible time.  I don’t know what else to say other than pray!  If you would like more information go to

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